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Region-specific matters in cloud architecting. Argentina case, when thinking about a game application

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Ensuring low latency for real-time gameplay is crucial for providing a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience

Question 1 - When localization matters ?

Location-based infrastructure is essential in financial services and the public sector looking for data residency, for enterprise migration and modernization where ingestion time is huge and require low latency to make it acceptable, or for industry such as gaming, social media, and telecommunications where latency is a critical factor that directly impacts user experience, making it essential to address both aspects of latency for a successful deployment.

Question 2 - Which cloud provider offers zone or region in Buenos Aires ?

When choosing a cloud provider, it is crucial to understand the specific needs of your business or project to determine which type of provider will best meet those requirements.

In Argentina a large numbers of providers offering Virtual Private Servers that can be configured and managed by users according to their specific needs.

In the opposite only a few of them are offering services such as managed object storage, Kubernetes platform, databases or AI platforms. This incudes development environments, storage solutions, collaboration tools, and much more, a complete range of services that facilitate infrastructure management with great flexibility and scalability

  x 12 VPS alternatives

x 2 Public cloud alternatives

Download our dataset:

Descargar CSV • 2KB

Neither Google nor Azure has yet taken the step to deploy local resources.

Interest for a cloud provider to develop activities in BA

>> energy cost

>> low competition

>> market

Risk of inversion

>> the trickle of imports prevents lean management of server lifecycle

>> the control of financial flows when it comes to converting pesos into dollars

Question 2 - Can I build geo redondancy with other region in South Latam ?

Looking for cloud services (Kubernetes, Storage, DB, AI pipelines), a nearby regions such as Sao Paulo (Brazil) or Santiago (Chili) can offer an alternative for building resiliency at regional level, still offering low latency (not as good as in Buenos Aires) for Argentina end-users and asynchronous replication.

Download our dataset:

Descargar CSV • 1KB

Comparaison of prices between regions by provider

based on the price of one service : Standard Object Storage price (Go/month) in LATAM

compared to USA North (N. Virginia) : 0,023 USD/Go/month

In numbers in South Latam

  • 14 regions

  • 1 local zone i. Price between +10% and +40% except Huawei (-15%)


  • In Latin America, we found Public Cloud regions in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia. The main providers are GCP, Oracle, Huawei, AWS, and Azure.

  • Brazil is significantly more expensive compared to other regions due to local taxes, and it primarily serves the local market, making it less suitable for foreign markets.

  • When it comes to the reliability and scalability of Cloud providers, we see a limitation in LATAM. Except for Oracle, no provider offers the two regions needed to build a redundant infrastructure.

Compromize in your infrastucture game design: larger offer in Chili than Argentina, costly redondancy option in Brazil

Question 3 - Game specifity and gpu availability ?

By choosing a local region, or closer to my source of data, latency is reduced and bandwidth is increased, resulting in faster insights and actions for my game .

(1) Low latency

As an architect for game platform, I have thousands of users who are using my web application and they need a low latency.

Latency is maybe the major specifitity in gaming infrastructure. Latency is the delay in sending information from one point to the next; it affects response times. It’s reduced when processing at the edge because data produced by sensors and IoT devices no longer needs to be sent to a centralized cloud to be processed.

(2) Large bandwidth

Bandwidth is the rate at which data is transferred over the internet. When data is sent to the cloud, it travels through a wide area network, which can be costly due to its global coverage and high bandwidth needs. When processing data at the edge, local area networks can be utilized, resulting in higher bandwidth at lower costs.

(3) Inference

The application use an AI algorithm that retrain and learn from the actions, and provide contextual action, images, speetch, characters. The application call an application with IA inference where the response is expected with les than ms. Moreover the AI algorithm retrains and learns from the actions

As an architect for game platform, i target a fast and globally innovating gaming experience planning in the near future to poc feature with photorealistic neural rendering, automating storytelling with large language model, automatically programing portion of the games, realistic NPCs with LLM etc

Today only AWS local zone is offering a GPU option in Buenos Aires.

The C5 group of instances is suitable for my applications as it is define for online gaming, machine learning, media transcoding, etc., which are compute-intensive tasks, when G4dn instances are the best option for small-scale machine learning (ML) training and GPU-based ML inference and R5 Instances for memory-intensize applications, such as mid-size databases and real-time big data analytics.

>>> Take away

It is not easy to have a good and unique solution, as an architect we have to select the best option regarding the priority we put and compromize

(1) Compromize with the latency and host my application in Santiago (GCP, Oracle, Huawei),

(2) Compromise with the cost and host my application iin Buenos Aires

(3) Compromise with cloud service roadmap , and develop and my appliaction in a baremetal or VPS and build my cloud native stack (alternative Cloud provider offering baremetal and VPS at a reasonable costn, ex: Sky Online)

The Argentina landscape is specific due to local constrains such as inflation and importation and usual patterns of implementation and design are not plugeable for argentina deployment. Compromize have to be done and in this contexte proabably hybrid architecture are necessary to mix advantage of the cloud and edge servor to bring latency.

Lasnubesalternativas helps you make informed and unbiased decisions to improve performance and reduce costs, based on data and technical tests.

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